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X-Drone Sbego Explorers Mini-Quadcopter

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X-Drone Sbego Explorers Mini-Quadcopter
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With this mini pocket drone, you are the ruler of the air! It is also very handy.

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X-Drone Sbego Explorers 2,4GHz Mini-Quadcopter

WTF? What's that tiny drone? This makes it all the more astonishing that this pocket-sized Quadcopter offers a lot of speed and fun and can be controlled in the same way as its big siblings. Even flight caprioles like a 3D flip are possible. The drone and its accessories can be stored safely and completely in the housing of the remote control. On the road, the copter battery can be recharged via the remote control transmitter.


  • Material: ABS
  • Drone‘s color: black, white
  • Color remote control: white, black
  • Control mode: Mode 2 (standard), switchable to Headless Mode
  • Gyroscope: Six axes
  • Remote control frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Control functions: forward/backward, up/down, left/right, rotate, 3D-flip, headless mode, automatic return
  • Range of the remote control: approx. 50 meters.
  • Charging time: approx. 20 - 30 minutes
  • Flight time with one battery charge: <= 4 minutes
  • Battery transmitter: 4 pcs. AA / Mignon / LR6 (not included)
  • Quadcopter battery: 3.7 V 100 mAh LiPo (integrated)
  • Quadcopter Dimensions: 66 x 66 x 28 mm
  • Quadcopter Weight: 14 g

Package contents

  • 1 Mini Quadcoper
  • 1 Remote Control transmitter / hangar / outdoor charging station
  • 1 Rotor protection frame
  • 1 pair of landing blades
  • 2 spare rotors clockwise
  • 2 spare rotors counter clockwise
  • 1 USB charger cable
  • 1 Carrying strap

There are 4 pcs. 1.5V AA size batteries (Mignon / LR6) required for the transmitter/charging station (not included)

Notes on battery disposal

In the context of distributing batteries or supplying equipment containing batteries, we are obliged to draw your attention to the following.
You are legally obliged to return used batteries as an end user. You can return used batteries, which we offer or have stocked as new batteries, free of charge to our dispatch warehouse (Lentec GmbH, Gaehtjestraße 27, 24340 Eckernförde, Germany). The symbols shown on the batteries have the following meaning:

  • The symbol of the crossed-out garbage can means that the battery must not be placed in the household waste.
  • Pb = Battery contains more than 0.004 mass percent lead
  • Cd = battery contains more than 0.002 mass percent cadmium
  • Hg = battery contains more than 0.0005 mass percent mercury.

Please note the above advices.

Quick Start Guide

Here the most important information for the pilots who want to start immediately. Like everything else, practice also makes the master of flying. Although the drone has a gyroscope to stabilize the flight attitude, it takes a lot of tact and experience to steer it safely through the air. Slowly push the button to get a feeling for the delayed flight characteristics of a rotorcraft. The standard control corresponds to “Mode 2”, which is also common for the large drones. In the illustration for “Mode 2” you can see which function the individual controls have.

Power on

At the front and rear of the remote control transmitter, two batteries (type AA / Mignon / LR6) must be inserted each into the battery compartments.

The drone is equipped with a pre-charged battery, but it will not reach its full capacity until it is recharged. To charge the drone, connect the charging cable, which is located in the door on the underside of the remote control transmitter, to the drone. The small plastic tongue of the plug must be on top and the drone must be switched off in order to insert the charging cable. The charger socket and the on/off switch are located at the rear of the Quadcopte. To start the charging process, the remote control transmitter must be switched on (slide switch on the bottom side). The red power LED and the green charging LED light up. The green LED fades out when the battery is fully charged. Alternatively, the Quadcopter can also be charged via the USB cable. A complete charge takes about 20 - 30 minutes.

When the drone starts flashing every second with all four position lights in flight operation, this means that the battery charge is running low and must be landed before it switches off by itself (battery protection system). The time window for landing is sufficient. (Please remember: The gliding characteristics of a multicopter are the same as those of a piano.)

Departure preparations and connecting the Control unit

  • If not already done, switch off the transmitter and drone and disconnect the charging cable.
  • Place the protective frame firmly on the four rotor bearings and ensure that the rotors can still run freely afterwards.
  • Connect the two landing blades on the lower side of the quadcopter.
  • Switch on the drone (position lights flashing) and place it on a flat, free surface (preferably the floor). The rear side (charging socket, both blue position lights visible) should face you.
  • Switch on the remote control transmitter (switch on the bottom side) and hold the control in both hands so that the speed regulator (this is the control lever, which is not centered by itself when released) is on the left side. Push this lever all the way to the front and then pull it back completely and leave it there. If you hear an audio signal and the drone position lights have switched to steady light, the connection has been established.

Ready to Take off

If you now carefully press the throttle, the four rotors start. Increase the rotation speed of the rotors slowly until the drone takes off. If it tends to drift or rotate around itself, you still need to adjust the trim (see figure for “Mode 2”).

Try to get the drone up just a few centimetres above the ground, hold it in place and land it as gently as possible. Only when you feel a little more comfortable you should gradually increase your altitude and practice lowering and landing from increasing heights. Then you can start performing simple directional manoeuvres in flight. Please be patient until you have got a feeling for the controls. It is quite normal that several charging procedures are necessary until you feel quite comfortable.

Headless Mode

As soon as you are familiar with the controls, try the “Headless Mode”. To do this, prepare the start as described above and then press the headless button (shown on the illustration Mode 2) before lifting off. This causes the drone to remember this location and no longer orientates itself to its current flight position (as if you were placed in it) but to the starting point (your actual position). This means that the Quadcopter, regardless of its own orientation, will implement the control commands from your point of view and fly in exactly the direction in which you are operating the control lever. So you don‘t have to worry about which side of the drone is facing you and you can even rotate it around the vertical axis in straight flight, which is otherwise a very difficult maneuver. The headless button can also be used to switch back to Mode 2 during flight.

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