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PureBox - Breaking Bad

PureBox - Breaking Bad
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The KingsLoot PureBoxes contain exceptional items from the royal treasure chambers of the geek nerd and gamer universe.

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Delivery Time: 20th to 23rd day in the following month of the order.
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Get the limited “PureBox”!

The “Breaking Bad”-PureBox is packed with legendary items, which are unparalleled, according to the motto: quality before quantity.

It contains about 6 epic items with a total value, which clearly exceeds the price of the box. It is therefore the perfect choice for all purists.

The “Breaking Bad”-PureBox is limited to 100 boxes!

And that's how easy it is:

  • We chase the epic loot for you and pack everything in a strictly limited box.
  • And the best: Only when you open the box, the most amazing nerd and geek stuff is revealed!
Additional Information

Additional Information about „PureBox - Breaking Bad“

Delivery time 20th to 23rd day in the following month of the order.

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