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December – Xmas Loot

  • KingsLoot Topic December 2016 - Xmas Loot
  • Contents of RookieBox and KingsBox Xmas Loot
  • Contents of LegendBox Xmas Loot

Ho! Ho! Ho! The journey to the distant, snow-capped north pole was long and cumbersome, but to get to handpicked Loot, the KingsLoot Guild was no way to difficult. For you, they trudged through deep snow, swam through the clumsy cold polar sea, and defied the icy storms. So you could be curious about what they got from a mysterious, bearded man with a red coat and with which they surprised you in the Xmas box.

RookieBox and KingsBox
Titanfall “Hammond Robotics” Mug
Watch Dogs: Scarf and Basecap
“Scrooge-Man” Sticker (exclusive at KingsLoot)
“Crib Nerdtivity Play” Papercraft Set
“A Grinch before Christmas” T-Shirt (exclusive at KingsLoot)
Zusätzlich in der KingsBox
1 of 3 POP! Figures: Olaf (Frozen), Cousin Eddy (National Lampoon‘s Christmas Vacation) or Olaf (Peanuts) each enclosed by a POPI-Protector
Star Wars: 3D Christmas decoration Darth Vader
Metal Gear Solid Collector‘s Jars
“Dying Light” or “Watch Dogs” Messenger Bag
“Scrooge-Man” Sticker (exclusive at KingsLoot)
“The Savior of X-Mas” T-Shirt (exclusive at KingsLoot)
Worms Plush Figure “Super Sheep”

November – Adventure Loot

  • KingsLoot Topic November 2016 - Adventure Loot
  • Content of RookieBox and KingsBox Adventure Loot
  • Content of LegendBox Adventure Loot

The KingsLoot Guild was faced to a dangerous adventure. But neither the darkest woods nor the deepest caves or driest deserts could stop them to capture the most popular treasures for you, and defend them against nasty mages, bandits, and many other adversaries …

RookieBox and KingsBox
Wacky Wobbler “Finn”
„Fire Flower“ Pocket warmer
Time Adventure Artprint (exclusive at KingsLoot)
Adventure Time Pin
Treasure Hunter T-shirt (exclusive at KingsLoot)
“OCT 21” Papercraft Set
Additional in the KingsBox
Iron Kingdoms: “Entfesselt” Adventure Set – complete Tabletop
Firefly Legacy Collection Action figure Zoe Washburne
Guardians of the Galaxy Scalers (Groot or Rocket Raccoon)
“Uncharted 4” Metal key chain
Time Adventure Artprint (exclusive at KingsLoot)
The Dark Rupee T-shirt (exclusive nur KingsLoot
POP! Figure “Bugcat” incl. POP!-Protector
Three-headed monkey plush figure
Adventure Time Money bag Jake

October – Horror Loot

  • KingsLoot Topic October 2016 - Horror Loot
  • Content of RookieBox and KingsBox Horror Loot
  • Content of LegendBox Horror Loot

When this box was presented, a gruesome Halloween party, celebrated on the last evening of the wine moon, came near. Despite all the warnings, some Looter had the daring to open it: the KingsLoot guild had sworn “horror” that this was given to them ...

RookieBox and KingsBox
The Gym bag of the dead (exclusive only at KingsLoot)
“The Walking Dead” Notebook
“Endlich Freitag!” (Finally Friday) Artprint (exclusive only at KingsLoot)
Bloodbath shower gel
Gigerwatt T-shirt (exclusive only at KingsLoot)
Zombie Candy+Gum
Scream Deko mask
Additional in the KingsBox
Alien Titans Vinyl Figure
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Action figur Leatherface
Five Nights at Freddy’s Vinyl Keychain (1 von 3)
Mopeez Plush figure Pumpkin King
Cthulhu Car plaque
“Endlich Freitag!” (Finally Friday) Artprint (exclusive only at KingsLoot)
Silent Hill T-Shirt (1 of 2)
POP! Figure Nosferatu incl. POP!-Protector
Zombie Candy+Gum
Scream Deko mask

September – Super Scoundrels Loot

  • KingsLoot Topic September 2016 - Super-scoundrels Loot
  • Contents of the RookieBox und KingsBox Super-scoundrels Loot
  • Contents of the LegendBox Super-scoundrels Loot

They are the embodiment of evil. But hand on heart - we secretly adore them: the super-scoundrels! They are existing in all shapes and colors, most of them striving for world domination, but sometimes they just want to spread chaos. The KingsLoot guild went to find the nastiest villains the world has ever seen.

RookieBox and KingsBox
Doctor Who Dalek Mini Mug
Boba Fett Projection Pen
Darth Vader Eggshaper
Green Joblin T-shirt (exklusiv only at KingsLoot)
Additional in the KingsBox
POP!-Figure “Dr. Facilier” incl. POP!-Protector
Lex Luthor Action figure
Joker Towel (1 of 2 Motiven)
Kylo Ren Plush figur
POP! Pins Joker 1966
Borderlands T-shirt Handsome Jack
POP!-Figure “Yellowjacket (Glow in the Dark Limited Edition)” incl. POP!-Protector

August – Super Hero Loot

  • KingsLoot Topic August 2016 - Super Hero Loot
  • Contents of the RookieBox and KingsBox Super Hero Loot
  • Contents of the LegendBox Super Hero Loot

How many times the world would have been lost without our legendary superheroes? Whether with super-powers or super-gadgets, they always manage to get rid of the nastiest villains! For the August theme, we set out to meet the bravest heroes and get cool stuff for you.

RookieBox and KingsBox
Superman Mini figure
Overwatchmen Shirt (exclusive only at KingsLoot)
Avengers Mystery Egg
Pocket POP! Batman (1 of 2)
Additiona in the KingsBox
POP!-Figur “Phantom” incl. POP!-Protector
Ultraman Figure Targo
Overwatch Shirt “Lucio’s Beat”
Fabrikations Groot
Batman Snapback Cap (1 of 3)
POP!-Figure “Vision” incl. POP!-Protector

July – Gaming-Loot

KingsLoot Topic July 2016 - Gaming-Loot

Gaming-Loot was our topic in July - this meant not that the KingsLoot guild had to play for a month, but to pack the suitcases to travel through the world of games.

We threw ourselves into the adventure for you, got plenty of Funko Pop! Vinyl Figurs on the way and ended this level with plenty of booty

  • Legend of Zelda Links Master Sword Bonbons in Metal box
  • The Elder Scrolls Online POP! Vinyl Figure “Nord”
  • POP! Protector
  • “Choose your Mask” T-shirt (exclusive in the KingsBox)
  • Minecraft Craftables Figure
  • “Worms” Plush figure
  • KingsLoot Sticker

Loot aus der Box Juni 2016 - Gaming-Loot

June – Anime-Loot

KingsLoot Monatsthema June 2016 - Anime-Loot

For the anime topic in June, we went on a quest for the treasure of the Pirate King, brought together seven legendary balls, gave justice to the world with the help of a mysterious book, and much more …

  • “Death Note” Notebook
  • “Bleach” Key chain or Key fob
  • One Piece Moneybox “Chopper” or “Flying Lamb”
  • Dr. Slump Magnet set A or B
  • „Dragonball Z“ Collecting figures surprise box (exclusive in the KingsBox)
  • only at KingsLoot.de: #AnimeLoot Metal button
  • KingsLoot Sticker
  • 2 of 4 Manga reading samples
  • Hiniiru Poster

Loot aus der Box May 2016 - Anime Loot

May – Retro-Loot

KingsLoot Monatsthema April 2016 - Retro-Loot

**** KingsLoot Monitor V1 ****
Retro Loot System 0 loot days free

For the May's LootBox, the KingsLoot Team went on a risky journey through the pioneer period of the nerd, geek and gamer scene to get some cool items for you. In keeping with the topic, we brought the DeLorean back in gear and looked calmly forward to the difficulties of obtaining the plutonium needed for it

  • Super Mario Bros sweets in one of three different metal cans
  • Minecraft sticker "Dirt Block" or Marvel Comics Spider-Man retro notepad
  • Pac-Man mug with cool thermal effect
  • Tetris Ice Tray or Tetris Tape Dispenser
  • Simpsons Duff Beer mini pillow with suction cup
  • Only at KingsLoot.de: #RETROsuperLOOT-Metal button
  • KingsLoot Sticker
  • Star Wars POP! Vinyl wiggle head figure "Snowtrooper" or "Imperial Guard" (exclusive in the KingsBox)

Loot aus der Box April 2016 - Retro Loot

April – Random Loot

KingsLoot Topic April 2016 - Random Loot

You had voted for the “Random Loot” topic and thus provided wild debates within the KingsLoot Guild: Getting a "? Block " for everyone wasn’t a question. But where was the journey going to chase the rest of the Random Loot? There were many ideas - too many. But after numerous nerve-racking stone-paper-scissors-lizard-spock matches, we moved in all directions to be just as surprised as you when unpacking this LootBox.

  • Super Mario Bros Coin sweets in “?-Block” Metal box
  • Star Wars Stormtrooper shower gel
  • Marvel Comics POP! Pins Deadpool Button
  • KingsLoot Sticker
  • DC Comics Superman Poncho
  • LENTEC PowerBank 2600 mAh in red oder black
  • Reading sample: “Die Blausteinkriege 1 – Das Erbe von Berun” + buchliesegang.de Bookmark
  • Sons of Anarchy Plush figure “Clay Morrow” oder “Jax Teller” (exclusive in the KingsBox)

Loot from the Box March 2016 - Random Loot

March – The dark Age

KingsLoot Topic March 2016 - The dark Age

In February we traveled through a dark era. On horseback the KingsLoot Guild met violent adversity, but neither plague nor torture could stop them, to snatch loot and offer it to you.

  • Hobbit Mug (Motiv “Gandalf” or “Bruchtal”)
  • Diablo 3 Sticker 2 pcs. pack (Motiv “Barbar”, “Hexendoktor” or “Mönch”)
  • Game of Thrones House Lannister Key chain
  • The Legend of Zelda Mint candies in “Hylia-Schield” Metal box
  • KingsLoot Sticker
  • Exclusive reading sample: “Die Magie der Namen” + buchliesegang.de bookmark
  • Game of Thrones Mystery Mini figure Series 2
  • The Legend of Zelda Triforce Premium Notebook DIN A5 size (exclusive in the KingsBox)

Loot from the Box March 2016 - The dark Age

February – Underneath the stars

KingsLoot Monatsthema February 2016 - Underneath the Stars

In our first mission, we went into the depths of the Universe to defy the dangers lurking beneath the stars. From supposedly abandoned ice planets to epic battles - the KingsLoot guild was prepared for everything and returned with rich booty.

  • Star Wars Mug (Motiv “Rey” or “Kylo Ren”)
  • Dr. Slump Buttons 4 pcs. pack
  • Funko Pop! Figure “Caine Wise”
  • Star Wars pillow (Motiv “Chewbacca” or “Kylo Ren”)
  • KingsLoot Sticker
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 3D-Effect poster in frame – Collector’s Limited Edition (exclusive in tne KingsBox)

Loot from the Box February 2016 - Underneath the Stars