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FAQ — Frequently asked Questions and Answers


LegendBox: What has changed in April 2017?

At the request of some Customers we have slightly reduced the content of the LegendBox, which makes it cheaper by € 10.00. Therefore, there is now the "Upgrade to LegendBox PRO" (10,00 € surcharge) with the order options. If you order the LegendBox PRO, you will get additional PRO items, which means that the box again corresponds exactly to the price and scope of delivery of the previous LegendBox.

If you ordered or subscribed to a LegendBox before this change, you will automatically get the LegendBox PRO with the PRO items.

Why is the RookieBox no longer awailable?

The RookieBox was basically identical to the KingsBox. The latter contained only additional loot items. For a better overview of our offers, we have joined the two Loot boxes from January 5, 2013 to the KingsBox with PRO option. Thus, the KingsBox now corresponds to the previous RookieBox. In order to still get the coveted, additional KingsBox items, you can select the “Upgrade to KingsBox PRO” option when ordering the KingsBox. The KingsBox PRO corresponds to the previous KingsBox. The content, times and prices do not change. The KingsBox now costs the same as the RookieBox and the KingsBox PRO as much as the previous KingsBox.

With the already existing subscriptions everything remains as before. These are continued as usual under the old names and article numbers until the subscription expires.

Why can not I login to my user account?

Basically, it is first of all necessary to distinguish whether you have a user account at all or have ordered it as a guest. In the case of a guest checkout, there is only the possibility to check the status of a purchase order at the bottom of the homepage and to print out an invoice as soon as we have started shipping (shipping label created, tracking ID, etc.) via the link Orders and Returns. This is not possible before. For this login, the order number, the surname of the customer and the corresponding email address or postal code are required. In the case of guest orders, it is in the nature of the matter that as less customer data is collected and stored as possible. It follows that no links to subsequent orders can be produced. In particular, in the case of recurring deliveries by subscriptions, only the status of the first delivery but not of the subsequent deliveries can be queried, as a result of which a login fails. It is also not possible to change the address and contact data in the case of guest orders.

The situation is different with registered customers. If you have logged into your existing account immediately before or during an order or created a customer account during the ordering process, you can log in using the “Login” button. This can be found on the top right of the homepage on the homepage, or on the top (user icon) when using mobile devices. After logging in, you can view all your previous orders, including all subscription-related deliveries, along with related documents, and edit or add billing and delivery addresses.

[upddate] Due to the above-mentioned adversities, we deactivated the possibility of the guest order in June 2016 and ask for understanding that new orders are only possible with registration. This is the only way to view the current order status during an ongoing subscription, in particular for the subsequent deliveries, and also to make subsequent changes to the address (e-mail, delivery address, etc.).

When do I get my box?

The Loot boxes for the current monthly topic are always delivered to addresses in Germany between the 20th and 25th day of the following month. Please note that delivery times for different countries may vary.


In March the “Science Fiction” Box can be ordered. You will get this box between the 20th and the 25rd of April, if you have a running subscription or place an order in March.

The delivery time for single items, the InstantBox and surprise boxes from the Kings Shop to addresses in Germany is indicated for the respective product. Please note that delivery times for different countries may vary.

How much is a box worth?

The content of the KingsBox (former RookieBox) has a market value of over 45.00 Euros, the content of the KingsBox PRO (former KingsBox) has a market value of over 60.00 Euros and the content of the LegendBox has a market value of more than 100.00 Euros. The ShirtBox has a market value of at least 17.95 Euros (KingsBox Sshirt), 19.95 Euros (LegendBox Premium Shirt), or 37.90 (KingsBox Shirt and LegendBox Premium Shirt) depending on the chosen version.

Is there a T-shirt in each box?

Yes, in every KingsBox, LegendBox, InstantBox and, as the name suggests, in the ShirtBox is at least one T-Shirt.

Can I upgrade a running LootBox subscription?

No problem! If you want to upgrade your running subscription to a larger box (KingsBox, KingsBox PRO or LegendBox), simply subscribe to the desired LootBox and let us know as soon as possible (preferably before) via email, that we shall cancel the current supscription immediately after your new subscription. The only condition for this is that the duration of the new subscription corresponds to at least the remaining time of the previous subscription. A direct adjustment of a subscription (change of the product and the price in the ongoing subscription) is not possible for security reasons (protection against fraud).
Please note: Apart from the respective monthly topic, the main content of the “LegendBox” differs completely from the contents of the “KingsBox”!

Can be delivered to a packing station?

Since February 2018 we have unfortunately stopped shipping to packing stations because the number of fraudulent orders using this method has reached an excessive level. Thank you for your understanding.

Was your question not answered here?

No problem. Simply use our Contact Form uand ask us directly. We will reply you within 24 hours.